Our excellent product knowledge and highest standards of work assure you a long-lasting, quality solution.


Our professional team assesses the technical requirements of each project ensuring each client's needs are met.


Ascon Industrial Roofing Limited have been involved in major refurbishment projects for many years bringing essential knowledge and experience to each new project.

Rooflights are an integral part of the roof structure and deteriate over long periods of time often going unnoticed by the tenant until electricity costs start to rise. Ascon Industrial Roofing Limited can inspect these rooflights and either clean them down or totally replacing them if need be, whether they be single, double or triple skin, factory assembled and mansafe.



This system was developed to solve the problem of cut edge corrosion on steel roof cladding it adheres to coating such as PVC, PVF2, Silicone Polyester, Acrylic Polyurethane and most paint finishes. It is designed to be ‘user friendly’ in a 3 stage application comprising a gun applied sealant, a brush applied sealant and a brush able  topcoat giving further life to the corroded sheets.

Ascon Industrial Roofing Limited also undertake various general repairs such as cleaning out gutters of dirt or debris, attending to gutter joint leaks, repairing or replacing rainwater pipes whether it be asbestos cement, PVC or steel.

We can carry out repairs and replacement of all types of cladding and flashing


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